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How Does Coaching Work?

You Remain the Boss

The purpose of a marketing coach is to have someone come along side and help you to develop and hone marketing skills. It is not my goal to tell you how to run your business, but I will provide suggestions and on some occasions play devil's advocate to help you make wise choices. You will always remain at the helm and make the final decisions.

The Process

When you contact Max Marketing Coach I will gather information about your business then schedule a time for weekly coaching sessions. Usually these sessions last for 45 minutes.

Assignments may be suggested during your session such as making changes to your website or PPC accounts, reading an article, or performing an activity I feel will benefit you and your business. It is suggested that those activities be completed soon after your meeting so that results can be reviewed during during your next session. Some results can be immediate while others may take time to manifest. Usually the first few sessions are much more intense, especially if we are requested to set up your PPC or social media accounts and begin showing you how to effectively use these new marketing tools.

Over the course of 8 or 26 weeks together we will probably delve into numerous areas of your business in addition to marketing because many factors can affect your marketing decisions. Don't be surprised if we touch on personnel, sales and environmental factors.

Typical Session

During a typical session we will spend a few minutes getting to know you and your business better. We will review any assignments or projects from the week prior, then discuss new business and strategies. Although the sessions are not tightly structured, you can expect to receive instruction with each meeting. My goal for you is to improve your business by teaching you marketing strategies that better your investments and gain you additional clientele or customers for the lowest possible cost.

What We Will NOT Do

First I will not discuss your business with other people. Your strategies, marketing practices and trade secrets will stay part of your business. I may mention marketing ideas used by other businesses, especially ideas that I may have used in my own businesses, but I will never provide identifying factors or clue you in on a competitor's strategy.

You will receive suggestions, however you will not be pressured to make changes. Please listen to our thoughts and view the suggestions from all angles, then make an informed decision. Not every business is the same. An idea that worked for another business may not work for yours and you are the best person to make the final choice. 

How to Get Started

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Tucson, AZ


Over the past 35 years Tim has gained experience in

  • Retail sales,
  • Business to business sales,
  • Business to consumer sales,
  • Service businesses,
  • Internet marketing,
  • Web design and development,
  • Pay-per-click campaigns,
  • Social media marketing campaigns,
  • Food services,
  • Legal marketing, and
  • Medical marketing.

Many marketing aspects cross all business lines. If you fail to see your specific business model in the list to the right I can still assist you in growth and mentorship. Contact me now for your free consultation.

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