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Max Marketing Coach Case Studies

Marketing Case Study #1

Retail Store & E-commerce Website

Malkoff Devices is the epitome of the American Dream. Gene Malkoff invented a device that enabled exceedingly bright LED flashlight bulbs to remain on for a long period of time without damaging the bulb. When he came to our coach he had a small clientele and a website that was generating a small amount of sales. On our coach's recommendation the website was completely revamped with specific text and layouts. Demonstration videos were added comparing the Malkoff flashlights with competitor's lights. Other marketing avenues were also discussed.

Within two years Mr. Malkoff was able to resign from his government job and work full-time in his own business. He now operates a retail store, e-commerce website and manufactures his own lines of flashlights.

Here is what Mr. Malkoff has to say about our coaching:

"I own a small business designing and producing LED Flashlights. It started as a hobby about 10 years ago and developed into a thriving business. My relationship with my coach started about 7 years ago. We design and build great flashlights, but my knowledge of the web and how it works and affects my sales is quite limited.

My Coach's knowledge of the web, and what drives exposure and sales, has helped push us to one of the more well known small companies producing flashlights for the tactical, emergency response, and sporting communities.

One of My coach's most enduring qualities is his business and ethical acumen. He tells you like it is and does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. My first 3 years of business were a nightmare of dealing with people who don't return phone calls, don't do what they say they will do, and generally avoid contact when you most need it. If you have been there, you know what I mean. I wholeheartedly recommend Max Marketing Coach to friends in business."

Gene Malkoff
Malkoff Devices, Inc.
26438 Hwy 134 Ste B
Enterprise, AL 36330

Our Thoughts

Mr. Malkoff has been a joy to work with. He took our suggestions, implemented them and his business has grown exponentially.


Marketing Case Study #2

Retail food store in LaVergne, TN

This food store had been in business over twenty years but had recently witnessed a decline in business. In our review of product location, layout and display we realized the owner had placed the most purchased items close to the door and register counter to make it easier for customers to enter, grab the items they needed and exit quickly. However, this "grab and dash" strategy was costing sales as most customers no longer wandered the aisles and saw new items. He had even converted the far back corner of his store into a personal storage area because, "no one ever went back there." We advised moving the most frequently purchased items further into the store and in different locations so people would make a meandering trip through the store obtaining the items.  We also placed complimentary items beside the most purchased items.

Sixty Day Review

The owner saw in immediate increase in sales and was very happy.

Our Thoughts

This store owner already knew the principles of product and store layout, however, over time he had not realized as he moved things around the store that he was hurting his business. By having a fresh pair of eyes review the business the mistake was corrected.


Case Study #3

Chinese Restaurant in Nashville, TN

This Chinese buffet had been open about 6 months but was not gaining new business and it's current income was about 1/3 of its operating costs. The manager was extremely anxious about spending any money for additional marketing or on any recommended changes. We reviewed a half dozen ways to attract new attention that were no or low cost such as changing the message on his street sign (it was a message board sign), printing handbills and personally taking them to nearby businesses and introducing himself. Throughout the conversation the manager continually made excuses and turned down every idea.

Sixty Day Review

The restaurant is now closed.

Our Thoughts

Although the manager had requested our Marketing Coach team to visit, he was closed to any new ideas. Unfortunately this attitude cost him his job when the buffet closed.


Case Study #4

Jon Blalock Hair Salon in Enterprise, AL

This hair salon was relatively new when Mr. Blalock requested ongoing marketing assistance to increase his business. The business is located near a military base which gives the area a transient population with new potential clients arriving constantly. Military personnel are known to be web savvy so we started with a website and internet marketing campaign that involved Yelp, Google and Yahoo. We also started a word-of-mouth marketing campaign with his current clients in which each client had an opportunity to win a product or amount off of a salon service when a recommended first time customer came to the salon for hair service.

Sixty Day Review

The salon business has increased dramatically. The owner has hired part-time help and is looking for another beautician.

Our Thoughts

The owner took our suggestions seriously and implemented them immediately resulting in an increase in business within the first couple of weeks. Because of the transient population, the word-of-mouth campaign was re-run approximately a year later with equal success.

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